About Us

Beepmagnet was established by e-commerce and blockchain professionals with a burning desire to make its mark in the digital space through e-commerce and blockchain technology. 

We believe that the next Economic wave for Africa is e-commerce and blockchain driven solution, providing blockchain driven solution is our goal; matching technology with innovation is our mantra; creating use cases of blockchain technology for mass adoption is our mission.

To use blockchain Technology as an instrument of solving everyday economic problems


To become the No 1 Blockchain company in Africa that drives blockchain consumer loyalty adoption


creating use cases for mass adoption of blockchain technology



BeepMagnet Group is positioned to lead the way in Africa by implementing the Proof of Concept of her blockchain through the integration of her utility Token across all her subsidiary to drive the adoption of blockchain consumer loyalty solutions.
BeepMagnet international Group is using the tools of ecommerce and blockchain as a defector to solving problems. We have combined affiliate marketing strategy, ecommerce and blockchain technology to stand out in the market place. 
We are using blockchain technology to solve problems in the following sector

Providing and serving the needs of women through blockchain

Artificial intelligence driven solution on the largest financial market

Live games and mobile game loyalty on blockchain

Credit ranking through blockchain

Health insurance / e-medical consultancy through blockchain

Blockchain voting solution