Our Solutions

Think of a Loyalty service that is global, decentralised and people driven for mass adoption. At Beepmagnet International Group, we have taken the traditional consumer loyalty and reward solutions into blockchain technology. 

We designed the BMCToken, a blockchain based loyalty token reward system that is safe, secured and hack-proof. The new movement is decentralization. Bmcoin Token Reward solution is crafted on the rule of decentralization driven by value exchange. Read More (www.bmct.io)


Blockchain Consumer Loyalty solution

We have designed different solutions which aim to leverage the power of tokens as loyalty points.  The possibilities are unlimited and can open up a whole new world in the retail industry.  This would not just be the loyalty points but can also be a road to a great financial success for both customers and merchants.

Blockchain Voting System

Nicknamed eCount, Our Elections Voting System is leading the way in the provision of innovative, agile and cost-effective solutions that help authorities deliver across all areas of electoral management. Using blockchain as it base, this solution is 100% hack proof and cannot be manipulated by both Admin and Users.

It delivers realtime election results and voters can vote with or without internet. No polling booths, no need for security presence, no rigging and no voter coercion and less expensive. We invest in and develop our services to ensure we continue to provide cutting-edge technology combined with a first-class service to our clients.

Mobile Application Development

Developing powerful, high performance mobile apps, develop with to keep your business ROI in mind.

BMI uses well-structured development process and methods with latest programming practices, coding guidelines and standards in the industry in developing mobile apps for android, iOS, cross platform with on time delivery

BMI specializes in developing mobile apps for all platforms (Android, iOS, Cross Platform), BMI is using latest robust technology that allows the development of your mobile application for all platforms using agile development method. This method provides the ability for BMI development team to develop the mobile application for all platforms quickly, which saves you time and money.

BMI stands out when it comes to quality products and solutions. With capabilities of on-board business analysts, design architects, and app usability analysis skills and with a team of native iOS & Android developers, cross-platform developers, testing and IT support teams, we provide unmatched mobile application development services to build solutions that solve real-life problems.


Chatbot Systems

Bots are software programs which generally performs automated tasks on a much higher repetitive rate than a human would perform. Chat Bots are the making a booming industry altogether by providing human-like interaction models. We understand the need of Chatbot development and Chatbot integration in your project in today's world. Request a Quote

Web Application Development

BMI as a leading web application development company takes very entrenched and thoughtful approach towards web application development. Our professionals begin with assessment of client’s business needs. The key to effective web development is client’s interaction and as such BMI conjoins clients with right web developers to deliver results above and beyond client’s expectations.

AWS made it even easier to launch a web application. We work with AWS Applications and trending AWS IoT analytics that meets the usability, performance & reliability expectations of employees, and delivering security to all the IT enterprise.

Offline Payment System System

Our Offline Transaction systems use the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which allows devices to communicate with each other within a short range of no more than a few inches. This technology works offline (without internet data) to make the payment experience more seamless. All you need to do is tap your medium (Card, Keyring, sticker, NFC enabled Smartphone, wristband) to pay or perform a programmed task

Our offline systems are safe, quick, portable and can be accessed by anyone while still ensuring data security.

Use cases for this technology are but not limited to:

  • Revenue/Tax Collection

  • Thrift Collection/Microfinance Scheme

  • Event/Attendance System

  • Toll Collections

  • Discount/Loyalty Card

  • Parking Systems

  • School Card

Digital Marketing Solution

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.

With BMI taking care of all your digital marketing services, we’ll be a one stop shop for all your Brand marketing needs and help you to get a reputation. All the successful projects delivered over the years, we stand as an unbeatable Digital marketing agency.